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They don't look at me....r-right? by Bluefire-Amaterasu

I'm not very experienced with writing critiques, but I will try my best. I want to begin with the color palette you chose for this. It'...

Back To Where We Began by Amaryllex

Okey. You've given me a critique twice now, so I guess it's my turn to give you one in return. So I'll do my best...:aww: So, I'm going to ...

Been thinking of movving a lot of Life in the Shadows to Patreon and give that a try. Should I? 

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Damien's Story in order

TGMD - Damien Ferka Sorena stamp by Yaraffinity TGMD - Fane cel Rau stamp by Yaraffinity Nanine - Stamp by Amaryllex Nanine Stamp by KattMcAdam

1481: 9 yrs old: The Curse -

1482-84: 10-12 yrs old: The beginning -
1482-84: The BeginningWARNING: This story includes kidnapping, slavery, abuse, sexual tendencies, murder and bad translations of French. 
A summary will be in the descriptions
The secret gypsy camp in Paris was getting quiet. Not that it was ever really quiet in a gypsy camp. But less noisy than usual. Most mice had left for the day to somehow earn some coins. Either by dancing or begging or really however they could. Stealing wasn’t unheard of either, but Aimeri never liked that option unless it was necessary. Or if whoever they stole from already had too much. That was one of the very few rules the Gypsy King had set and the gypsies followed it. Although, the definition of ‘too much’ varied from the King of France to gadjes in general.
The Sorena family wasn’t treated any different than any other family. They had to earn their own coins, buy their own food and run from the guards just like everyone else. The onl

1495: Damien 23 yrs old: Curse of the mouse -
1495: The Curse of the MouseWarnings: This story includes murder, torture, blood, a vampire, slavery, magic, abuse, a long description and probably bad translations of French and Italian (I'm SO SORRY about that!!!)
Damien was cleaning the dining room for the fourth time since Fane left the castle. When he left, Fane had seemed rushed and a bit agitated, so the only direction he told Damien was to clean the dining room until he came back. The hastiness in his voice was enough to make Damien hope he found whatever he was going after. However, Damien’s hopes faded when he heard Fane growl as he entered the castle. Not daring to do anything else than clean, Damien stayed in the dining room.
“Slave!” Fane screamed and Damien’s heart missed a beat.
-Please, not again!-  Damien thought frantically as he hurried to the hallway to meet his master. He knew Fane always got angry if he had to ask twice and the

1505: 33 yrs old: Those damn french! -
1505: Those Damn French!Warnings: This story includes murders, slavery, mentions of torture and abuse, swearing (twice) and probably bad translations of French (I'm so sorry about that!! )
Fane growled in agitation as yet another deal had gone wrong because of the language barrier. Romanian was no problem, of course. English he’d mastered with ease. He could even read and write Latin, but of course there were those who spoke neither of the languages he knew. Especially the French. Those damn stubborn idiots who refused to learn anything but their own language. And then expected everyone else to be as fluent as they were. Would they talk slower so non-French-speakers could try to understand them? No! Would they write it down so that what they said would be understood? Not a chance! Of course, it was also the French that were the easiest to reach out to when it came to magic, since the witches weren’t as subtle as other

1520: 48ish yrs old: Random Scene: He said 'please' -
1520: Random Scene: He said 'Please'WARNING!!!! WARNING!!! WARNING!!!
Nothing more...
“You wanted to see me, Monsieur?” Damien asked quietly when he opened the door to Fane’s bedroom.
“Yes” Fane replied and gestured for Damien to walk closer.
“Please, sit down” Fane added and Damien stopped in his tracks. Fane had said ‘please’.
-No! S’il vous plait, no!- Damien thought as he felt his whole body tense in fear. Seeing Damien’s terrified reaction sent a smirk to Fane’s lips.
“Master…” Damien started pleadingly, taking a step back, and Fane walked over to him.
”Master, please!” Damien screamed when Fane grabbed his arm.
“I’ll do anything, Master! S’il vous plait, Monsieur!” Damien continued to plead as Fane threw him on the bed.
“Quiet” Fane said and pinned Damien down.

1553: 81 yrs old: An unlikely friend -
1553: An Unlikely FriendThere's a bit if bad Italian in this one and slight discrimination...^^;
Marin was walking the streets of Venice, doing his best to keep a low profile. The last thing he wanted was to attract a crowd. Especially now, since he hadn’t fed in a while. Feeling the thirst for blood rush through him, Marin forgot where he was going. Suddenly a cart nearly ran him over and Marin fell to the ground.
“Avete bisogno di aiuto?” he heard a mouse ask and looked up.
“Non ho intenzione di farti del male” he added and Marin continued to stare at him. What was the mouse saying?
“Bene!” the mouse exclaimed finally and threw up his arms. Sighing, he looked back down at Marin. “Questo è quello che ottengo per aver cercato di essere gentile” he said and turned to walk away. Something in Marin’s head clicked and he quickly got to his feet again.

1556: 84 yrs old: Who to trust? -
1556: Who to trust? Part 1Warning: This story contains murder, torture, blood and so on...^^;
Fane was silently walking the streets back to his castle. His search for information had stopped completely. It had been months without any lead. Nothing on the dobbleganger. No alternative means had been discovered. He’d even tried torturing Damien again out of desperation for any small form of information. Nothing. Everything was quiet. Where had he gone wrong? There had to be someone on this earth who knew something. Letting his mind wander, Fane failed to notice someone following him closely.
“Count Fane Cel Rau?” Fane suddenly heard a mouse say and turned to face him.
“Yes?” Fane replied and the mouse smiled.
“I would like to talk to you. I believe I have some information you’d be interested in” the mouse said walking closer.
“Really? And what might…?” Fane started bu
1556: Who to trust? Part 2Warning: This story contains murder, torture, blood and so on...^^;
What had happened with Nanine and Marin was repeating in Fane’s mind the whole way back to Romania. Every alternative on how he could’ve handled Nanine differently were screaming in his head and Fane’s anger got bigger and bigger at each thought. Nanine had been an obstacle. A big obstacle. But if he’d kept his anger in check he might’ve gotten something out of her. But no. Fane had to give in to his desperation. It had been his own fault that this trip had been wasted. The fact that Marin had showed up didn’t make Fane any happier. Why wasn’t he dead? He should’ve died last time they met. The horrible memories of his past came rushing on Fane. His own brother had stabbed him in the back. The same brother had ripped Fane’s love away from him. All the hell Fane had gone through was because of him. Feeling his heart break, Fa

1572: 100 yrs old: Random scene: Gerrit's bath -
1572: Random Scene: Gerrit's BathFane and Gerrit came back after a walk. Gerrit had had some fun by jumping around in the dirt, which had made his fur sticky and messy. After Gerrit’s little fun, Fane had kept his distance to keep his clothes, and himself, clean. Walking into his castle, Fane called for Damien, who came as quickly as he could.
“Gerrit needs a bath. Get everything ready” Fane ordered and Damien obediently left to get some soap and get the water ready. To make sure Gerrit didn’t run off when Damien came back with the soap, Fane walked back out. Gerrit was nowhere in sight.
“Gerrit?” Fane said as he found it unusual for Gerrit to run away this quickly. Or run away without Fane approving, for that matter.
“Gerrit?” Fane called again and stopped as he looked around.
-Where could that fox be?- Fane thought, but froze as realization dawned on him a second too late. Turning around and looking up, Fane could see Garrit make his jump.
“No! Garrit!” Fan

1634: 162 yrs old: Lost Love and Lost Hope -
1634: Lost LoveWarnings! Warnings! Warnings!
This story includes A LOT of blood, murder (BRUTALLY), abuse, slavery, kidnapping, suicide, BRUTAL murders (yes, I know I've already said this, but I'm saying it again!), not as much torture, but there are hints in there, mentally abuse, a long description and probably bad translations of Italian (I'm so sorry about that)
In other words... if you don't like to read about one or more points on that list, don't read...^^;
It wasn’t that often Fane had business with the Italians. Most of the mice he talked to had learned English or French, so communicating wasn’t a problem. However, there were a few that didn’t speak either, so Damien was always with Fane to Italy. Fane had picked up a few words and sentences in Italian after hearing Damien translate, but he felt he didn’t need to know the language full out as he’d done with the French. Most of
1634: Lost HopeWarning: This story includes blood, rotten bodies, torn limbs, alcohol, a long description and probably bad translations of Italian (I'm so sorry about that!!!)...^^;
After the failure with Adelina, Fane had shut down. He didn’t go out. He barely fed and he barely noticed when Damien finally woke up again. It had been nearly a month since it happened, but the pain that had wrapped itself around Fane’s heart was still tearing him apart, piece by piece. He had been so close to holding his Adrianna in his arms, but now that was only a distant dream. His whole world had fallen apart and Fane couldn’t find a single reason to live for anymore. So Fane continued to drown his sorrows in alcohol and opened another bottle of wine.
As Damien came to his senses and finally managed to look around, the first thing that got to him was the smell. He realized he’d have to have been dead for a while because t

1666: 194 yrs old: Random Scene: Into the unknown
1666: Random Scene: Into the unknownFane had started noticing Damien had begun slacking. It took forever for him to get done with something. Walking around the castle, Fane couldn’t find his slave. Neither did he come when Fane called for him. That had never happened before. There was no way Damien had left his castle without Fane knowing. No. That was impossible. No one left this castle without Fane knowing.
Damien’s disappearance was driving Fane mad. The anger was boiling in him as he couldn’t find his slave anywhere. “Where is he?!” he growled into the face of the nearest servant he could grab.
“I-I’m not sure, M-Master. L-last I saw of him he was cleaning the west wing.” The trembling voice of his servant didn't even faze Fane as he pushed him harshly to the side and marched off towards the west wing. With each step Fane's anger doubled. That damned slave would pay dearly for this.
Rounding a corner Fane saw a figure sitting on the floor, leaning against the wall with

1736: 264 yrs old: Random scene: Errend in town -
1736: Random Scene: Errand in townWarning: there aren't too graphic material in this, but blood and gore is mentioned. Reader's discretion adviced
    Fane was in his study when Damien slowly walked in the door. With his gaze running down the pages of a book and his hand firmly around a quill that hastily took notes, Fane didn’t take much notice of the slave. Damien knew better than to bother his Master while he was working and silently stood by the door, waiting patiently for his Master to notice him.
    Turning the page, Fane vaguely noticed someone by the door. Being too concentrated on his work, Fane couldn’t be bothered with what the mouse at the door wanted. He would deal with them later. “I thought I’ve said to not disturb me while I’m working,” Fane hissed as he found another parchment to write on.
    “Y-you called for me, Master.”
    Hearing his slave's

1770: 298 yrs old: Random scene: Escape -
1770: Random Scene: EscapeWarnings: This includes slavery, talk of rape, abuse, not murder directly but a bit indirectly and it's hinted to...
“I want this spotless” Fane said as he walked away from Damien and another slave, Vali. Silently the two of them nodded and found some cleaning supplies. After a while of silent cleaning, Vali looked towards the door and stopped. Hope blossomed inside him.
“He left the door open…” Vali breathed out, staring the door.
Walking down the hall, Fane realized he’d left his watch with Damien and Vali. Groaning in agitation, he turned around and walked back.
“He left the door open” Vali repeated a bit louder and Damien looked at him.
“Damien, we can get out of here” Vali said happily, but Damien just looked at him.
“Come on!” Vali said and moved towards the door, but stopped in his tracks when he noticed Damien didn’t fo

1813: 341 yrs old: Random scene: Ultimate control -
1813: Random Scene: Ultimate ControlWarning... There's a bit of blood, self harm and slavery in this, which is clearly pointed out...
A mouse was walking beside Fane casually in Fane’s castle. He was a very talkative mouse, but at the moment Fane didn’t mind. Fane just followed the conversation and nodded every once in a while. Hearing the other mouse brag about everything and anything he’d ever done or accomplished was amusing. This was a good day. Suddenly the mouse came up with the topic of servants as they walked passed where Damien was cleaning.
“Whatever I ask, he will do. I have ultimate control over him” the mouse said proudly and Fane raised an eyebrow.
“Ultimate control?” Fane repeated sarcastically, smiling.
“Damien” he said a little louder and Damien walked over to the mice obediently.
“What are you getting at, Fane?” the mouse asked, but Fane held up a finger to make him silent. W

About 428-429 years old: :iconals123:'s Echoes series -
Echoes in the Night (No appearance):…

Echoes in my Mind (Appears very close to the end):…

Echoes of Fear:…

On to more WIPs that is very hush hush...=D



Journal Entry: Wed Sep 21, 2016, 11:48 AM
So I've been debating patreon for a while. I have been wanting to try it for a long time, but the one thing that has kept me from starting one is I do not believe I have anything interesting to offer.
I have never believed anyone would pay me enough attention to pay for my crappy art.
I am my own worst critique, I know, but this is my opinion of the majority of what I do. 
I try to do my best while drawing and even if I'm somewhat happy with the result I still dislike the most of it after a week. This is why I tend to upload things as soon as I finish them.

However, since I started the project with Aden &Co in Life in the Shadows I have had the thought that maybe it would be something for patreon. Mostly because it is all to be made by me and it is going to be my twist on the traditional spy story.
I'm also developing this my way which means as far as I can make it I will have a reason for absolutely everything. Even if the reason for something isn't in the story itself.

This is also were patreon comes in. 
With having a reason for everything comes backstories and a long list of historical turning points. For example Mr. Periculo (my wolf mafia boss guy) will have a complete backstory from he was born until the story is taking place. I don't think I will name his parents and all of his family tree, but I will have his upbringing in a nutshell and his life spread out. This, however, will not be mentioned in the actual story (as far as I know per today). 
This is the kind of extra material I was thinking I could publish on patreon, in addition to WIPs, sketches, story notes, early released artwork and so on.
I'm also trying to stay a month ahead of time so that there will always be content every month, even if I for some reason cannot produce anything new.

I am still very hesitant on starting patreon because I still don't see why anyone would want to back this project. I hope it will and I will be eternally grateful if it does work. Honestly I don't know what I'll do if it actually work.
But mostly I'm doing this to get myself to work more on the story

But anyway, I'm going to launch the page on 1st October

If you want to follow my to date empty page here's the link:
(And of course the link is black Hong Kong emote It is between this white text and the one above)

Anyway, that is my thoughts on the subject. I don't need to hear how hard I am on myself, I am well aware of it and it doesn't change the way I think

But thank you so much! :huggle:

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Thomas' Story in order

1. Everything starts somewhere -…

2. Thomas meets Mark -…

3. Music lessons -…

4. Over the line for the first time -…

5. Secret music -…

6. Thomas' promise to Lillian -…

7. Music Contest -…

8. Mark's birthday party -…

9. Crushed hope -…

10. Why should they care? -…

11. Mark finds out about the abuse -…

12. A new secret -…

13. A glimpse of another life -…

14. High School: Bring on the Trouble -…

15. Missed the first dance -…

16. Surprise surprise -…

17. Christmas Dance -…

18. Leaving -…

19. Bullies -…

20. Water Balloons -…

(Later contest entry: In A Flash Literary Contest -… )

21. Thoughts of the future -…

22. Thomas changed his hair color -…

23. Thank you -…

24. Firsts -…

25. Meet the parents -…

26. Got a girlfriend -…

27. Fighting -…

28. Control my own life -…

29. What was that all about? -…

30. Detention -…

31. Halloween Party -…

32. Surprise Christmas Dinner -…

33. 17th Birthday -…

34. A smile in the dark -…

35. Party in April -…

36. Drift away -…

37. The deal -…

38. The Date Part 1 -…

39. The Date Part 2 -…

40. Relapse -…

41. Mr. Bailey is an Idiot! -…

42. Screaming -…

43. Welcome to adulthood -…

44. Getting a job -…

45. The first apartment -…

46. Being late -…

47. Thomas and his troubles with school -…

48. The Finals -…

49. Prom -…

50. Graduation Day -…

51. Happy Birthday, Lillian -…

52. Separate Ways -…

53. Black Eye -…

54. New talent -…

55. Christmas Surprise -…

56. Christmas Eve -…

57. Second chance -…

58. A new trust -…

59. Come with me! -…

60. Wait, what? -…

61. Almost -…

62. Bad Memories -…

63. Meanwhile -…

64. Customer Trouble -…

65. The infamous tattoos -…

66. Pity -…

67. Being a big brother -…

68. College -…

69. Accidental Dinner -…

70. Confession -…



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